Meet our School Psychologist


My name is Kelly Rivera and I am the bilingual school psychologist at Barry School.  People often ask, what exactly does a school psychologist do?  While we wear many hats, school psychologists work with parents, teachers and school staff in order to support student’s emotional, social and behavioral health.  We also help to support our special education services and make referrals to help coordinate community services.

When working with parents, a school psychologist can often offer parenting techniques, strategies, and resources to promote academic success, remedy behavior problems, and bridge positive home-school communication.  We also help teachers to identify and resolve academic barriers to learning. By designing and implementing behavioral and academic interventions, progress monitoring tools are used to measure student growth. When working with students, my role is to ensure they understand that the evaluation process helps to understand how they learn, think and solve problems.  All tools which help adults support their learning.

Barry is a wonderful school with a great mental health and special education team who aims to make our school safe, happy, and filled with the tools students need to make learning successful!